24th Carrom Eurocup 2022 || 7-11.07.2022

24th Carrom Eurocup 2022 Poland

Ołtarzew, 7-11 July 2022



The 24th Carrom Eurocup will be organized by the Polish Carrom Association under the authority granted by the European Carrom Confederation

The tournament will be organized in Hotel Lamberton in Oltarzew (near Warsaw) from  7th July 2022 (Thursday) to 11th July 2022 (Monday)

Hotel Lamberton (Poznanska 492, 05-850 Oltarzew) https://goo.gl/maps/mK7NSh2gdoLA4LyB8

Registered singles players11-12 rounds50 + 7 minutes Final best of 3 games, 25 points, 8 boards limit, no time limit for 1st and 2nd place onlyRegistered doubles players7-8 rounds50 + 7 minutesFinal best of 1 game, 25 points, no board limit, no time limit for 1st and 2nd place onlyNational team players7 rounds50 + 7 minutesPoint system 2 for victory 1 for draw 0 for lost. Direct victory wins over coin difference.

The Championship will be conducted in accordance with the current Laws of Carrom adopted by the ECC.

Umpiring will be in English.

The championship is open to the registered Member Federations / Associations of the European Carrom Confederation (ECC). All players must register through their federations. Individual entries cannot be accepted. Only players permanently resident in Europe may enter the Singles Event and Doubles Event. For Team Event full European citizenship is required. For more details on eligibility please contact organizers.

Each federation can register 4 players for Team Event and up to 20 players for the Singles Event and Doubles Event i.e. maximum 24 players. If the Federation wants to exceed the quantity of 24 players, the approval from Polish Carrom Association is required.

During all the tournaments of the 24th Carrom Eurocup 2022 proper uniforms for all players are required. Players participating in Team Event should wear unique country uniforms with the country name on the back. All other players should wear their federation/club T-shirts on each tournament day. Informal/loose outfits during the tournaments are not allowed.

The EU Digital Covid Certificate is required for all participants. Regulations regarding the obligation to wear masks and other restrictions related to the covid-19 pandemic will be determined in accordance with the regulations in force at that time in Poland.

Entries including rooms categories and room partners should be submitted by e-mail on attached Entry Form not later than on the 30th of April 2022 (Saturday). The document shall be  printed and signed by the appropriate persons from each federation and send to the following email: eurocup2022@carrom.pl
Polish Carrom Association will confirm the participation, room categories and total amount of entry fees to by paid until the 10th of May 2022.
The requisite entry fees should be submitted by the federations up to the 31th of May 2022. Please remember to transfer the entry fees in Euro only !

Event: Prizes and awards:
All events Diplomas/participation certificates will be given to all players

Team Event places I-III (each player gets the trophy)
Doubles Event places I-III (each player gets the trophy)

Singles Event places I-III main ranking
place I women’s ranking
place I under 19 ranking
Position: Producer, model, type
Boards: Synco Platinum 20mm SE black/natural rounded  (special edition for Eurocup 2020)
Coins: Ashvin Break to Finish II
Powder: Potato starch approved by ECC
Other: Synco easy folding stand, side desk lamp or central spider lamp

will be provided later

The hotel google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/o6bZgFypdiYyfPXq8 The easiest way to reach the hotel is via plane and then uber or taxi from the airports. The nearest airports and the approx. costs of uber are as follows:

Chopin Airport (WAW) Modlin Airport (WMI)
https://goo.gl/maps/oQyg3SzxF2LjUqYX7 https://goo.gl/maps/iW9p8s58QyooTh2A6
distance to hotel: 26 km distance to hotel: 43 km
travel time by car hotel: 21 min travel time by car to hotel: 42 min
Uber Select ~ 25 EUR
UberX ~ 20 EUR
Uber Select ~ 45 EUR
UberX ~ 30 EUR

Rent-A-Car is a second option to travel from the airport to venue.

ENTRY FORM 24th Carrom Eurocup 2022 Poland (.docx)

ENTRY FORM 24th Carrom Eurocup 2022 Poland (.xlsx)

PROSPECTUS 24th Carrom Eurocup 2022 Poland